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C heese People are the heroes of the loudest hype in a present-day Russia – suddenly this quartet of bashful, unremarkable students from the banks of Volga river became the most fashionable disco-punk band in the country.

Their debut self-titled CD is a no-budget self-produced record, but it sounds more powerful and groovy than lots of all major hits. Due to the felicitous combination of catchy melodies, absurd lyrics, the intricate work with samples and unusual meow-style vocal by Olya Chubarova, the band now has all the chances to become a first international independent hit-breaker from Russia since TaTu.

Some reviewers have compared Cheese People' music with Cansei de Ser Sexy, Datarock or New Young Pony Club – and it's really hard to believe (but it's true) that all of these tracks have been recorded in 2006, when Anton and Olya had absolutely no chance to hear these bands – actually, Cheese People have been influenced by Prodigy, Gloria Gaynor, Jamiroquai and other mainstream stuff.

Fortunately, Cheese People don't waste their time anymore and already seek for an international partnership – the Japanese edition of their debut CD (with a bonus-remix by Gari) is out 17.08.2009 at FabTone Records. The next LP is due to be finished and released later this year.

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