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T wo artists have this name.
1.: A popular Alternative rock band which formed in Houston, Texas in 1995. They are best known for the singles "Hate Me" and "Into the Ocean"
2.: A British neo-synthpop band formed in 1996 which has renamed themselves Blue October UK in respect to the more popular and older American band.

Blue October is a Texas band headquartered in San Marcos, Texas, but is originally from Houston, Texas. The band was formed in 1995 and currently comprises Justin Furstenfeld (lead vocals), Jeremy Furstenfeld (drums, percussion), Ryan Delahoussaye (violin/viola, mandolin, keyboards, and vocals), C.B. Hudson (guitar) and Matt Noveskey (bass guitar). Previous band members have included Liz Mullally, Brant Coulter, Dwayne Casey and Piper Skih.

Their songs are deep reaching and deal with subject matters such as love, drug addiction, self hate, mental health, and current affairs. Their sound mixes pop and hard rock with a grunge edge. Some of the band's melancholic songs exhibit vocals similar to those of Peter Gabriel or Roger Daltrey. On their more upbeat songs, they have been likened to U2 and sometimes, Pink Floyd, Phil Collins, Genesis, The Fray, and Nirvana.

Blue October signed to Universal Records with the release of Consent to Treatment in 2000. After sales did not meet expectations, Universal dropped them from their label. In 2003 Blue October released History For Sale on Dallas-based Brando Records, and was later resigned by Universal Records.

The band's next album, Foiled, was released in 2006 and quickly became the band's long awaited breakthrough thanks to the success of songs such as "Hate Me" and "Into the Ocean" on American pop and alternative radio.

Their latest release, Approaching Normal was released on 24 March 2009. It contains the hit single "Dirt Room".

Blue October has an official site
There is also a Dutch fansite with links to other Blue October sites as well.

Blue October (often referred to as "Blue October UK" to contrast with the more well-known Texan alternative band) play emotionally fueled synth/electro pop, fusing electronic wizardry and wild guitar with cool underlying dance grooves. A diverse repertoire of songs charged with melody, harmony and rhythm. Deep, meaningful lyrics tinged with sadness, but always full of hope. Songwriting of the highest quality stands out like a warning beacon in the roughest of oceans.

Blue October UK are signed to A Different Drum ( USA ) and Cryonica ( UK ). Three full length albums are under their belt and inclusions on several compilations have attracted fans from every corner of the globe who have fallen in love with their unique style of incandescent, constantly evolving dream pop. Contrasting sonics and dynamics, galvanised with tunes from heaven, produce a live set riddled with edge and aggression. Nic Johnston superbly flushes out every ounce of angst with his cutting, precision guitar work.

Blue October UK are:
Glen Wisbey
Ross Carter
Chris Taubert
Nic Johnston

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