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S chwarz & Funk

Project Members:

Bob Schwarz (Alexander Hitzler) born 10-30-1970 in Augsburg, Germany
Jesse Funk (Martin Czihal) born 07-23-1965 in Bratislava, Slovakia
Formed their artist names out of their mother's maiden names "Schwarz" and "Funk".
Bob Schwarz and Jesse Funk have known each other since they worked at Radio Skyline/Augsburg, Germany in the early 90ies, Bob working as an audio engineer and being also responsible for commercials and jingles.

After that period the two of them lost contact for a while, Bob started a small studio of his own, his work as a professional musician keeping him busy as well.

Jesse had his own club for several years and already did a lot of djing . Between 95 and 97, when Jesse was touring Ibiza (El Divino/ Privilege/etc.), he finally decided to start his own producing. He had played in several punk bands himself during the 80ies and had preserved and cultivated his own open-minded musical talent. In the early 90ies, Jesse finally focused on Djing. Bursting with many innovative ideas, he was looking for the right partner to realize them. He contacted his long time friend Bob, and this match proved to be perfect. A great and creative symbiosis began and continued to be successful and satisfying throughout the 90ies and to date. First they started experimenting with different styles, in the meantime they concentrate on chill and house music.

Being professional musicians themselves, they naturally came to know many excellent musicians they love to involve on their projects as often as possible.
Joe T. Aykut, a good friend for many years and exceptional guitarist can be regarded as their biggest asset. His spectacular solo performance forms one of the key components of Bob`s and Jesse`s house projects. Little wonder that such big stars as J.C.A., Barbara Tucker, The Gypsy Kings and even Robin Gibb (Bee Gees) were keen to employ him.

During the recent years their musical output has raised up to over 150 tracks, released on compilations worldwide, using other project names like:

Deeparture, Daddy Pete, Eivizzards, Indigo Seven, Good Chillaz, Timbalestics, Sunseeker, DJ San Martino

Their composing work includes commercial tracks for Alfa Romeo ads, as well as for Volkswagen, Lufthansa, TUI and more.

One of their most popular tracks can be found on the Café del mar compilations Vol. 14 and 15.

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