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R inôçérôse is a French band formed by Jean-Philippe Freu and Patrice 'Patou' Carrié, with Johnny Palumbo, Florian Binker and Frederíc Pace as support musicians. Their style is a mix of electronic music with rock, funk and jazz elements.

Rinôçérôse was created in 1994 when partners Freu and Carrié started experimenting with electronic beats and live instruments (guitars, bass, etc.) Their first works were released in the compilation album "Retrospective" in 1997.

They gained international recognition with their next album, "Installation Sonore", released in 1999. This album was a combination of house beats, guitar riffs, flutes and percussive rythms. "Le Mobilier" was the hit single that established them on the map of international dance music.

In 2002, "Music Kills Me" was released, continuing with the house-rock formula of Installation Sonore, and adding vocals in some of the songs.

Their most recent album, "Schizophonia" (released in 2005) shows some radical changes in respects of their previous work. This album has a conceptual nature, representing various mental deviances like sexual perversions, schizophrenia and jealousy deliriums in the songs, with vocals performed by various singers from indie bands, like Bnann of Infadels, Mark Gardener of the band Ride, and others. Also, this album has a more rock-oriented attitude.
The song "Cubicle" from this album was featured on a television advertisement for Apple´s iPod Nano.

Rinôçérôse are currently on tour promoting "Schizophonia", and according to the official page, they are also working on their next album.

In 2009, they started touring again with their new album Futurinô (June2009).

Today, the band is exploring a new conception of gigs by working with a contemporary art formation: “Electronic Shadow”. Never the last and always the first, Carrié & Freu keeps on pushing themselves and their artistic investigations further, that’s the reason why the best way to understand who really hide behind «rinôçérôse» is to see them playing live!

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