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A naheim, California (2005 - Present)

After building a reputation through D.I.Y. promotion on MySpace (along with some help from Tom, a fan of the band), the band released their debut E.P. in 2006. Their debut album "My Dear" followed in 2007. The band's music is categorized as pop punk and alternative rock.

Band History:
New Years Day formed in 2005 after bassist Adam Lohrbach left the band Home Grown. Home Grown's final E.P., 2004's "When it All Comes Down," had diverged from the band's previous style of humorous pop punk and incorporated many emotional elements that Lohrbach carried over into New Years Day. Meeting with vocalist Ashley Costello (formerly of Face the Fact) and guitarist Keith Drover (formerly of Ugly), the three began rehearsing songs that Costello and Lorhbach had written. These songs were heavily influenced by the members' shared emotional experiences, as Lohrbach, Drover, and Costello had all recently been through difficult relationship break-ups NYD's first bass player was Eric Seilo, a mutual friend of the three, although he had to leave soon after the band formed due to school issues. The group soon added guitarist/bassist Mike Schoolden (formerly of Wakefield) and drummer Russell Dixon (formerly of Glennhaven) and took the name New Years Day, after deciding that the name symbolized the fresh emotional start of the members, and the band name was also chosen on the holiday itself.

The band began building a reputation through D.I.Y.-produced promotions and posting songs on MySpace, and were featured on the MySpace Records Volume 1 compilation CD, and in the soundtrack of the video game Saint's Row. After considering an offer from the Pete Wentz-run Decaydance Records label, the band signed to TVT Records and released a debut self-titled EP in 2006. Originally referred to as the Razor EP, it was primarily a digital release made available through download services such as iTunes, though CD copies were also available at the band's peformances. They also performed at the South by Southwest music festival that same year.

From 2006-2007 New Years Day self-financed and self-produced their debut album My Dear, recorded over an eight-month period at the home of producer Eugene Perreras. The album was released on May 8, 2007 and includes collaborations with members of Reel Big Fish and Motion City Soundtrack. The band's debut music video for the lead single "I Was Right" won an MTVU "Freshman Face" poll and was added to the channel's playlist.

The band suffered lack of promotion and tour support from their label T.V.T., who is now out of business. Band members were lost. Drover left the band after the Warped Tour. Schoolden and Lohrbach followed.

The remaining members decided to continue making music. The band started writing new material in early 2009. Around September 2009, NYD posted two new songs on their MySpace page. Due to play Wared Tour 2010, releasing a debut album in Japan July 2010 with music from My dear, a lady gaga cover and material from their upcoming second album.

Band Members
* Ashley Costello - Vocals
* Russell Dixon - Drums
* Anthony Barro - Bass (2007-present)
* Dan Arnold - guitar
* Keith Drover - Guitar, backing vocals
* Mike Schoolden - Guitar/Bass, backing vocals
* Adam Lohrbach - Bass/Guitar, backing vocals
* (Eric Seilo - Bass 1/2005-9/2005)

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