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J eremy Johnson (Placido) and Laurent Lupidi (Loo) met in 1999 after several years of touring and studio recording as a drummer and bassist in different popular French bands such as Portobello Bones, Satellites, No One Is Innocent, Oui Oui (Michel Gondry's band) and Rubin Steiner with whom Placido created the 'Dancing music show' in 1998 ( About 40 dates in France including big festivals), a cross-over DJ / Live set of home made remixes blending everything from the Chemical Brothers to Michael Jackson, Daft Punk, The Ramones, Technotronic, Public Enemy or The Beastie Boys, and this 3 years before we even started to hear about mash-ups or bootlegs.

The amazingly talented Loo & Placido are now recognized worldwide for being pioneers in the game and for droping some of the biggest Smash bombs ever.

After touring in France, England, Germany, Spain, Turkey, USA... Loo & Placido have gained a solid reputation with their killer DJ sets where they take a malicious pleasure by blending the best of today's and yesterday's music in a sort of 'Back to the Future' avalanche mix covering most genres of dance culture in a modern and powerfull way resulting in a tasty Electro-Rock / Hip-Hop mixture.

Tired of hearing the same tracks played at every party, Loo & Placido always had the will to bring something different by producing and spinning their own remixes, mash-ups, cut-ups and edits with the aim of proposing something fresh and new and since 2009 they decided to push things a bit forward by using a few machines and a keyboard as well as Placido's voice to create more interactivity with the audiance and give a live feeling to their show.

Total music junkies, Loo & Placido are addicted to new sounds and are always in search of new material to play with, and as they are still far from being bored with it, they will continue to cut and mash their favourite songs and might have a few surprises we shall soon speak about , but they also decided that the moment had come to make their own music and just started to work on their first EP to be released sometime in 2009...
These self-described "Electronic Popstar Killers" are clearly killing it!

Since 1999, the duo has produced many tracks and albums of signed French artists but most importantly, they created hundreds of mash-ups / bootlegs / cut-ups / edits and Pirate Remixes that spread every corner of the globe with the support of numerous radio stations and blogs over the years.

In 2003, the duo starts a collaboration with MTV (UK) and produces over 20mash-ups for the MTV MASH show, and every year since then they also produce the mixes and soundsof the MTV EUROPE MUSIC AWARDS TV show.

At the end of 2004, their 'Superchunk' mix was voted 'Best Studio Session' of the year by XFM (UK) host and DJ MAG tastemaker Eddie Temple Morris.

Between 2005 and the end of 2008, the duo has hosted their very popular weekly radio show on one of France's most popular national stations, and also produced another hour mix-show every saturday on Turkish top-rated radio POWER FM which gave them the opportunity to reach a very large audiance even if they sometimes felt a bit far from home in this Galaxy named 'Hit Music Only'...

In 2006, they collaborate with THE DANDY WARHOLS and MOUSSE-T to release their first official world-wide smash known as 'Horny As A Dandy'.

The track went straight to the Top 10 in the German charts and was in the Top 20 in England and Australia as well as being nominated in the "Best Underground Dance Track" category at the2007 MIAMI WINTER MUSIC CONFERENCE.

In 2008 it's MADONNA herself who chooses a Loo & Placido mash-up called 'Toop Toop Grove', a combo between 'Into The Groove' and Toop Toop' by CASSIUS. to perform it live as part of her 'Sticky and Sweaty' tour' show.

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