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L ady Daisey has rocked venues around the globe - from small smokey clubs to massive hip hop festivals - her message is one of love and inspiration, soulfully presented over head noddin' Batsauce beats. Singing since she was 5, Lady Daisey has developed a playful powerhouse style that's sure to grab the attention and steal the hearts of everyone within ear's reach.

It's like sunshine
for your soul...

Daisey was born in Brooklyn, NY, and grew up on the road, touring the U.S. with her parent’s band. She started singing with them as soon as she could hold the mic, putting her own twist on Top 40 cover artists, such as Michael Jackson, Sister Sledge, Cindy Lauper and Prince. The seed was planted... she was meant to be on stage.

Daisey worked the North Florida music scene singing in groups, ranging from wildly Zappa'esque to robot-themed '80s cover bands, all the while, developing a natural and confident stage presence. In search of her inner voice, she eventually picked up the guitar and started writing and performing her own acoustic soul originals at open mic jams. It was at one of these jams where she met beatmaker/producer, Batsauce. Together they created their "love child" underground funk/soul group, Heavenly Noise. His funky beats, her soulful voice, and their message of truth, passion and love was a combination that captured people's hearts, uplifted their spirits and created a loyal following. Three years and many songs later, they were married.

It's like hip hop church...

Daisey and Batsauce eventually hooked up with Paten Locke (aka Therapy, MC for the ABs, formerly Asamov) and started the Smile Rays. Dropping vinyl and cd releases in Japan, Germany, the U.S. (Subcontact, Jakarta, 6-Hole) as well as a full-length digital release through Rawkus... the tour map unfolded all the way to Europe. After the tour, going back to her childhood roots of traveling and performing, she and Batsauce decided to stay in Europe and follow their musical dreams. Since then, Lady Daisey has collaborated and released tracks with Marc Hype, Jim Dunloop, Ed Royal and LMNZ.

Daisey is also a veteran interface designer for software and audio plugins, giving her yet another angle to express herself in the world of music.

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