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K ojak is a hardcore band from Roanoke, VA. They began with Jason (bass, vocals), Bill (bass, vocals), and George (drums) in 1996. Jason moved to Richmond,VA in 1997, taking with him the name. The line-up in Richmond was Jason (bass, vocals), Barry (drums) and Adam (guitar,vocals) up until 2000, when Adam left, and John moved in on guitar. The three trudged on until deciding to call it quits in 2003.
Bill went on to do Atomatron (later called Hallelujah!) in 2001 after moving to Richmond himself and doing a brief stint across the country as Kojak's roadie. George went on to live in a double-wide trailer somewhere in southwest Virginia. Adam went on to do Stop It!, among other things. Jason and Barry joined forces with Chris and started The Amoeba Men. John went on to join The Bunny Rabbits. All's well that ends well.

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