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" The story starts with the Likyds, a group from Perpignan, a nice and sunny town in the south of France, and also a Mecca for the sound of the sixties and the Mod culture in France. The six members of the group belong to a circle of garage music groups among which the Feedbacks and the Beach Bitches, who have had a great impact on the French underground musical movement. During five years the Likyds are touring in the south regions of France and are praised by the regional press and the increasing number of their fans. Their hit record ‘Marbu Dorada’, today on the compilation ‘Perpignan Rock’, is a significant example of this distinctive sound, a mixture of 60’s garage and psychedelic sound.

When Olivier moves to Paris, the adventure seems to be ended. Not quite though, as Cyrille (the guitar player) and Frank (the drummer) also move to the capital town. They have the thrilling idea of making up a new group. They decide to find a new musical identity as well as a new bass guitarist, who must meet a special requirement: survive their vodka-liquorice-olives-anchovies after rehearsal drink. A man in a million (or maybe more). A friend of the group, Guillaume, brave and liking drinks providing there is vodka in the recipe, joins the HushPuppies, as they are now called, with Wilfried, already on keyboards with the Likyds.
That perfect team of five musicians develops an unique style, subtile combination of the dirtiest rock sound and the most atmospheric melodies.

Their live and stunning performances in Paris (La Scène, Glaz’art, le Nouveau Casino among others) attract an audience each time wider, although not used to such shows. Nevertheless the southern French accent of Perpignan spreads over Paris.

During summer 2003 the Hushpuppies have the opportunity to record in a studio where they polish their songs, gaining thus a new colour. Four pieces are recorded, revealing the talent of the Hushpuppies as well as their true personality. They prove to be as comfortable with both their garage rock and electro-psychedelic inclinations, as well as with both their native tongue and English.

In june 2004, Benjamin Diamond sign HushPuppies on his label Diamondtraxx, a new EP is recorded during the summer and is available now! With this new E.P. the group set up the basis of an unrestrained rock music, far from the French rock world clichés..."

The Trap is the first album of Hushpuppies, released in 2005.

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