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S ome artists are running after immediate success, some others are looking for excellence.
Addicted to new technologies, but deeply respecting music sources & history, CASINO INC is different by living with a unique approach. They want to combine the best from past & present to create good music we can listen to tomorrow and into the future.

Adventure is starting in 2002, when 2 friends, living in Lyon, GREGOR STEVENS and BENJAMIN ALLICE, meet each other during a party. Sharing the same tastes and ideas, they decide to fund Casino Inc and release their first vinyl: Music Industry.

This track, a mix between art Disco and Electro, supported by a funny high quality video clip, seduce a large audience & was broadcasted on all musical TV Channels all over Europe.

They actually started like everybody else but it was only the beginning. As the duet was in the starting block to produce the LP, a third character came in the story to upset their world and change their musical perspective.
Met on Internet through a blog dedicated to music, JADEN X, loving their production, proposed them to collaborate.

What the band was ignoring is that this third guy was living far from France, working in an oil field in a beautiful country on the other side of the sea.
This distance helped the collaboration, then while the French duet was composing and arranging in France, JADEN X was bringing his vocal experience by recording local talented artists voices he met during his travels.

Communicating with Internet messenger and sending, music, lyrics, and ideas by mail, these new tech kids decided to work together to produce new tracks, using these 6000 km separation as a real benefit.
The new CASINO INC was born!

Gathered in France few months later, CASINO INC finalized their first single, excerpt from the forthcoming new album planned for 2007.

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